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Practical Applications for PVDF

More than 50 years ago PVDF was recognized as the first truly thermoplastic fluoropolymer. The seed of growth that had been planted decades ago, still continues today with a vast and wide range of useful applications. The combination of processing ease of a thermoplastic, using conventional techniques, and properties of a fluoropolymer allows items to be made with unique and useful combinations of properties. Take a brief look at the breadth of industries and long list of practical applications where PVDF is now being utilized in demanding environments and think about where KF PVDF can go from there!

KF PVDF for Demanding Applications

PVDF items are commonly used for demanding applications in the following industries:

Chemical Processing Industries (CPI)

Chemical Processing Industries (CPI) use piping systems, chemical tanks et al where resistance to harsh chemicals such as bromine, chlorine and hot acids and retention of mechanical properties at high temperature is a requirement.

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Pulp and Paper Production

Pulp and Paper Industry is a process area where bleaching commonly uses chlorine based technology for paper making. PVDF resists the aggressive chemicals that cause corrosion and failure of metals used in paper making processes due to exposure to acids and halogens.

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Nuclear Industry

Nuclear Industry is an area where PVDF sheet linings and piping systems are used for nuclear reclamation equipment such as glove boxes. Harsh chemicals such as nitric acid and hydrochloric acid are used for purification of radioactive ores. PVDF withstands exposure to both harsh acids and radioactivity of this environment.

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Metals Refining

For Metals Refining Industry, PVDF piping, components and process tanks are used in environments at elevated temperature with exposure to strong acids (e.g. hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric, hydrochloric nitric and chromic acids) which are commonly used to refine metals. PVDF is the material of choice for process equipment to withstand degradation encountered in metal refining processing.

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Water and Wastewater Systems

Water and Wastewater Systems use grades of PVDF for water piping systems and for filtration membranes too. PVDF has long service life when exposed to bacteria, various chlorine levels and UV radiation.

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Chemical and Water Purification

Chemical and Water Purification Systems use PVDF for filtration membranes in a wide range of industrial applications. Microporous membranes are used to filter and remove contaminants from processed chemicals such as inks and paints as well as water.

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